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Tech Talks

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How cryptocurrency works

To understand how cryptocurrency works we'll look into - concept of cryptocurrency - brief explanation of blockchains - detailed look into bitcoin

Tarun Vellishetty
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Why HTTPS Matters?

Key Takeaways - Difference between HTTP and HTTPS - How HTTPS secures us?

Goutham Pilla
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What is HSTS? It's advantages in Security and potential for tracking

The HTTP Strict Transport Security or HSTS (specified in RFC 6797) isn't really a separate communications protocol meant to replace HTTPS. Instead, it's actually a mechanism that forces the proper use of HTTPS and mitigates some of its serious limitations.

Govind Narayan Sharma


Product contributions

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SimpleBills Dashboard

Migrate your data from Microsoft Teams to Slack in 2 simple steps, under 5 minutes with suprisingly simple solution.

Expenses online tool

Simple Bills is a easy to use application to to file and archive bills digitally. We also used this opportunity to build the application using Google’s AppEngine solution.