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Tech Talks Session

Tech Talks

"Objects" Oriented programming in JS

In this talk, we will discuss about how object oriented programming in JavaScript is different from traditional OOP languages? And how ProtoType based system works in JavaScript?

Kishore Vadde

Can Vue do that?

Wondering how Vue handles communication between components? What about centralised state management for large codebases? And does Vue allow client-side routing for single page applications? Vuejs and the vue ecosystem has tools to simplify all this with intuitive core functionalities and recommended in-house packages.

Govind Narayan Sharma

Introduction to Javascript Proxies

This videos provides an introduction to Javascript Proxies, intended for anyone who knows basic Javascript. Proxies were added to Javascript in ES6. They add powerful meta programming capacity to Javascript. Proxies add as middleware, able to intercept all fundamental object operation i.e. get, set, delete etc.

Govind Narayan Sharma

Understanding React Hooks

React Hooks. - Motivation for Hooks -- Re-thinking component styles. - Basic example of how Hooks work. - Tradeoffs for hooks. - Can the same new thinking of components impact Vue?

Abhilash Reddy Kotte

What The Flexbox!

The Flexbox Layout module is built into CSS and it aims at providing a more efficient way to lay out, align and distribute space among items in a container, even when their size is unknown and/or dynamic.

Revanth Boyapally