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Sojern is travel’s leading data-driven performance marketing engine. The company maximizes direct revenue and profitability for global travel brands by delivering consumers who convert into customers. Currently one of the fastest growing travel tech companies, Sojern works with top travel brands and independent hotels in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Sojern’s problem was every tech company’s problem: Ambitious Growth Goals

Jeremy Daw
Jeremy Daw

CTO of Sojern

As a high growth company, we were very picky about the talent to develop our ideas. My initial thought was to hire and groom the locally available talent, which would have consumed my bandwidth disproportionately. I worked with Ravi in the past and was confident of the capabilities of his team

To achieve its ambitious growth, Sojern needed to find the right engineering talent to execute its product roadmap. Hiring quality talent in the Silicon Valley turned out to be an enormous challenge, diverting Sojern management team’s time and attention away from other business issues. Sojern reached out to BeautifulCode to assemble a strong web and mobile application engineering team to augment its internal development team.

BeautifulCode’s engagement with Sojern

Sanjay Wahi
Sanjay Wahi

VP of Product, Sojern

“BeautifulCode’s work ethic on the RevDirect product has been and continues to be phenomenal. Their agile working style facilitates a quick feedback loop and this helps us evolve the product to the market needs proactively. Sanjay Wahi, VP of Product, Sojern

Initially, BeautifulCode took engineering ownership of the Ruby on Rails tools at Sojern. Some of the tools had to be maintained and some enhanced with new features. Putting our experience to work, we took the opportunity to refactor the applications adhering to best practices. Impressed with the quality of our work, Sojern tasked us to build their greenfield projects – notably RevDirect.

Sanjay Wahi, Sojern’s VP of Product, flew out with an ambitious plan to build an unique differentiator for the company – an application for hoteliers across the world to analyze insights about their properties and access results of Sojern driven bookings. We brainstormed for a week and ultimately defined the Minimum Viable Product and subsequent milestones. RevDirect has been a big success for Sojern and is a big contributor to Sojern’s revenues today.

Along with the RevDirect team set up, over the past three years we expanded the team managing their internal products and added several more automated tools in Sojern’s product basket. Today, BeautifulCode is the preferred team for app-engineering – web and mobile.


RevDirect – This revolutionary customer facing product has been pivotal for defining a unique business model for Sojern.

Extended Engineering Team – With BeautifulCode engineers doing brief onsite stints at Sojern’s offices worldwide and Sojern’s leadership frequently flying out to Hyderabad, we became an “extended engineering team” for Sojern.

Direct Cost Savings – BeautifulCode’s managed engineering services model required minimum HR overhead from Sojern.

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Carl Livadas

VP of Data Science and Engineering, Sojern

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Sojern is travel’s leading data-driven performance marketing engine.


San Francisco, US


Expanding technology team in Silicon Valley was both time consuming and expensive.


BeautifulCode has built a remote software development team of 15 engineers over the last 3 years.


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