Case Study

Confidently focuses on managing online privacy and gives back control of users' personal data.

Confidently needed a team specialized in React and Django.

Crid Yu
Crid Yu


BeautifulCode's engineering team helped us to build an MVP for our SaaS product. This helped us to validate and get feedback from the users and this milestone helped us immensely to expand the product roadmap.

Tell us about yourself

I am Crid CEO at Confidently. Our product, Confidently helps individuals to take back control of their personal data and protect their privacy. We monitor privacy across 150+ businesses and stop users’ data from being sold and deleting users’ data from the companies that sell user information.

How does Confidently engage with BeautifulCode?

We interact with BeautifulCode engineers as much as we interact with our internal engineers at Confidently. We set up a scrum team, and we have a PM who works closely with BeautifulCode engineers. The interaction is very collaborative which made the relationship work very well.

What were the biggest anxieties and uncertainties you had about BeautifulCode when signing up?

Quality of Talent - Everyone at BC is a full stack engineer with an average of 4 years of experience. After an initial evaluation with our head of engineering and we felt confident about the skill level.

Time Overlap for Collaboration - BC and Confidently prioritized working hours overlapping for effective collaboration. We came with a core hours timeslot which gave a 4-hour overlap between teams in SF and Hyderabad.

Ownership - During our evaluation phase, we shared our product roadmap with BC. The quality of discussions and proposed technical solutions gave us the confidence that we can trust in their execution capabilities.

What challenges were you facing and how BeautifulCode solved them?

Our biggest challenge was to set up an engineering team to build the Confidently SaaS product. BeautifulCode helped us to set up the team with the right mix of senior and junior engineers across backend, frontend, and DevOps.

How does BeautifulCode make the remote setup work?

BeautifulCode’s engineering team follows REF - Remote Engineering Framework, a framework to maximize the productivity of remote teams. Their clarity and intention to make the remote setup work impressed us throughout our engagement with BeautifulCode. Engineers are very much self-aware of the limitations of working in remote teams, maximizing the use of communication tools and documentation helped us overcome some of the challenges.

How does BeautifulCode help you with time to market?

BeautifulCode’s team helped us to build an MVP for our SaaS product and launch the MVP within the timelines. This helped us to validate and get feedback from the users and this milestone helped us immensely to expand the product roadmap.

Why did you choose Beautifulcode over the competition?

We chose and continued with BeautifulCode for the following reasons:

1. BC was referred to as a quality development shop from my network.

2. Initial evaluation meetings gave us the confidence that they are the right team to achieve our timelines.

3. BC takes and follows Agile seriously and this consistency helped us hit our product launch milestones.

Message to prospects looking to work with BeautifulCode?

Most companies look to hire internally for their staff. In today’s market - leadership ends up spending a lot of time recruiting and hiring, yielding less ROI. BC takes away this problem and provides quality engineering teams with very less lead time. We strongly recommend having them as part of your hiring strategy so that your time to market is not affected.

Company name


San Francisco, US

Challenge 1

Time to market


BeautifulCode team's experience in building SaaS products reduced our time to market. Their experience in agile practices contributed to the success of the product.

Challenge 2

Migrating to Chargebee for subscription management


In the initial phases, all the subscription management handled by the application. We realized, managing different tiers and providing trial periods is not a scalable solution if managed with in the application. BeautifulCode handled the migration to Chargebee (a subscription management service) without any hiccups.

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