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Booz Digital, a wing of Booz & Company, is a global team of strategists providing high-quality management consulting in the digital age. Armed with problem solving experience that spanned over a century, Booz Digital is sought for their thought leadership in a variety of verticals spanning Governance, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics etc.

Booz Digital needed a team specialized in Ruby on Rails.

Ashok Kanumalla
Ashok Kanumalla

Solutions Architect

Ravi’s team understood the goals of the project and were committed to the aggressive deadlines. The team’s strong Ruby on Rails expertise helped translate the web application requirements into loosely coupled modules that powered the ecommerce application.

In 2013. Booz was providing digital strategy and implementation for a pharmacy chain in Mexico City – San Pablo Farmacia. The goal was to implement a consumer facing web portal that had aspects of ecommerce and a content management system. As part of the implementation, Booz needed a team strong in Ruby on Rails to implement a backend web application and APIs to power a AngularJS based web frontend implementation.

We defined KPIs, built variants of different hypothesis and analyzed the data to continuously refine the user interfaces.

Highlights of our relationship

Round the clock Development – To meet the aggressive deadline, the engineering teams got tactical and devised a development routine that was optimized for one to team to pick up when the other one went offline. Having one team in Hyderabad provided the perfect timezone balance to facilitate 24/7 development.

Frequent demos – To make sure the rapid pace of development is not going off course, we had very frequent demos, sometimes daily, to showcase the development progress and collect feedback.

Behavior driven development – Employing our Red-Green-Refactor mindset helped us build clean interfaces for a extensively covered codebase. While this slowed the initial pace of development, we gained a lot in terms of development flexibility when it came to incorporating near real time feedback from the client.

Distributed team chemistry – The engineering teams acknowledged the distributed nature of the setup and were comfortable using distributed productivity tools such as Google Hangouts and Slack to communicate with each other and stay on track.

Data driven decision making – Building a consumer facing application comes with a lot of uncertainty on how the users will use the built in features. We’ve defined KPIs, built variants pertaining to different hypothesis and analyzed the data to continuously refine the user interfaces.

CI/CD pipeline – The distributed teams shared a common codebase and having a well defined continuous integration and delivery pipelines helped immensely in getting timely feedback on broken workflows.

Company name

Booz Digital (New York, NY) is a pioneer in crafting digital strategies for companies in a variety of verticals across the globe.


New York, US


Assembling a specialized web technology team to execute on a digital strategy for a retail pharmacy chain.


BeautifulCode set up a team comprising of onsite and offshore engineers to build the product under tight deadlines.


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